SHFCA Annual Conference 2018

25-26 September 2018. Apex Hotel, Dundee, Victoria Dock Rd, Dundee, DD1 3JP

The 10th Annual Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Conference takes place on Wednesday 26th September 2018 in Dundee, one of Scotland’s most vibrant cities. This one day conference will highlight the substantial progress being made in Scotland with the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells as key components of an integrated  low carbon and zero emission system.

Speakers will provide updates on use of hydrogen and fuel cells to enable more renewable energy to be captured and used effectively, coupling energy with transport, and tackling ‘hard to treat’ areas such as heat and industry. 

The 2018 SHFCA conference will share best practice for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in delivering low carbon energy systems. During this event we will:

  • Showcase Scottish innovation with deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

  • Highlight the importance of partnership working and international collaboration

  • Present current thinking and identify future trends across our industry

Exemplar projects and related activities are building up key skills and expertise in Scotland, and establishing important links between the partner regions of Europe. Hydrogen and fuel cells can maximise the benefits of local renewables, add value and economic impact, and support the delivery of key Energy Strategy and Climate Plan targets for Scotland over the next 15 years.   

This one day SHFCA 10th annual conference will be preceded on the evening of Tuesday 25th September by a civic reception, hosted by the City of Dundee, and our pre-conference dinner which will both take place at Discovery Point in Dundee.

For live conference news and updates, follow our Twitter feed @SHFCA or search #SHFCA2018.

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