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Sunamp is a global leader in making thermal storage significantly more compact. Sunamp's "Heat Batteries" can replace hot water tanks. With 4 to 16 times higher energy density, heat batteries occupy a small fraction of the space required for equivalent hot water storage. As a result the space required for heat storage can be greatly reduced. The ability to increase the kWh of heat stored while reducing the space requirements is important for Fuel Cell CHP, allowing the CHP unit to be operated in electricity-demand-led mode without constraint, knowing that the resulting heat can be fully buffered until it is required. For sites with constrained heat demand, large-format Sunamp heat batteries (palette-scale or container-scale) can move heat over road or rail from the point of generation to other points of demand.

Sunamp's main focus is on built environment applications ranging from domestic heat and hot water to commercial and industrial heat. Sunamp is in commercial field trials funded by Department of Energy and Climate Change. Sunamp is engaged with a number of OEMs to develop products for them across the range of heating and cooling applications.

Sunamp is also engaged with opportunities in the automotive space where heat storage on vehicles is an enabler for human comfort without sacrificing efficiency.