SHFCA Annual Conference 2019

2 October 2019. DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 161 Springfield Rd, Aberdeen AB15 7AQ

Our 11th annual Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association conference (SHFCA2019) takes place at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Aberdeen on Wednesday 2nd October 2019. This will be a high profile event highlighting the substantial progress being made with deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells as key components of an integrated energy and transport system for Net Zero emissions.

Our theme for SHFCA2019 is Delivering Scotland’s Energy Transition and the Net Zero Target, and will highlight the role for hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in delivering key ambitions for low carbon integrated power, heat, and mobility as part of the Energy Transition for Scotland and Europe:

We are delighted that SHFCA2019 is taking place in Aberdeen, which has been at the forefront of hydrogen deployment in Europe with the fleet of 10 hydrogen buses using Ballard fuel cells that became operational in March 2015. These buses have now carried one million passengers and travelled over 1 million miles, and form part of Scotland’s largest fleet of hydrogen vehicles.

We have been working closely with SHFCA members Aberdeen City Council and the Scottish Cities Alliance to make SHFCA2019 a most memorable occasion, and on Tuesday 1st October all of the speakers and delegates will have the opportunity to attend an evening reception and dinner.

Our 11th SHFCA Annual Conference programme brings together SHFCA members and invited expert speakers from Scotland, UK, and Europe to explore the opportunities for growth using hydrogen and fuel cells to enable the low carbon energy system transition and help deliver key targets.

 I look forward to seeing you and many others in Aberdeen for SHFCA2019, and if you have any questions please contact me at

For live conference news and updates, follow our Twitter feed @SHFCA or search #SHFCA2019.

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