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Shetland Island Council

Energy security, cost and efficiency are critical for island authorities. Shetland Islands Council serves a widely distributed population but also has a high concentration of important energy services sited on its mainland. Lack of mains gas in the islands and the lack of any interconnector to mainland Scotland for electricity produces its own problems and opportunities for the islands population and businesses.

Wind power is seen as a key element of our future energy mix as Shetland has some of the best wind speeds in the UK. However in order to achieve energy security sustainability of energy resources is required. Sustainable transport fuels and heating supplies are critical to us. The Council is currently examining the potential of developing renewable hydrogen production locally using our plentiful wind and marine resources. If successful it would place Shetland at the cutting edge of energy security policy and practice and would place us on a long term sustainable footing. Our Carbon Management Plan aims to transform the islands into a successful, self sufficient, low carbon economy where new technology can bring advantages to our social and economic sectors whilst supporting and protecting our internationally significant natural environment.