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Shapinsay Development Trust

Shapinsay Development Trust works to secure the future of the resilient island community of Shapinsay, one of the Orkney islands. Islanders (population c300) are empowered and resourced by the efforts of the Trust in whose work many of them are intimately involved as trustees, volunteers or employees.

With running costs largely self-funded by gift-aid from our trading subsidiary the Trust manifests the self-reliance traditional of islanders while at the same time collaborating and resourcing with  external stakeholders to achieve projects crucial to our island’s future.

Our 900kW turbine was built this way, and the EU funded BIG HIT project (designed to address curtailment within the Orkney ANM zone by switching generation to produce hydrogen) further develops these skills and also builds upon the successful delivery of a substantial Big Lottery project designed to build community assets.

Projects to follow on from BIG HIT are already under development.

Members who are interested in working with a progressive community and who are seeking project partners and collaborators are welcome to contact us.