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Scotia Gas Networks

SGN manage the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south of England through 74,000km of pipeline. Our pipes deliver gas safely, reliably and efficiently to every one of our customers, regardless of their gas supplier. We are dedicated to keeping our customers safe and warm by leading the way in energy delivery.

We serve almost 2 million customers in Scotland distributing gas to 80% of Scottish households. Our network covers a diverse area from the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh to five remote standalone networks at Stornoway, Wick, Thurso, Oban and Campbeltown.

We provide the 24/7 gas emergency service in Scotland responding to calls to the gas emergency number (0800 111 999) when someone reports a smell of gas or a gas safety issue. We also connect around 12,000 new gas customers to our network each year and are in the middle of a programme to replace our old metal gas mains with new plastic pipe to ensure a continued safe and reliable gas supply for years to come.

Both the Scottish and UK governments have committed to challenging targets to reduce emissions by 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. We are embracing this challenge and looking at ways we can use the gas network, more efficiently and more sustainably. By injecting low carbon gas such as hydrogen and biomethane into our network, we can reduce its carbon content and demonstrate the gas networks have a long term future as part of a sustainable