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Perth & Kinross Council

East Coast Renewables member Perth & Kinross is a champion for Small Scale and Micro-generation technologies. The Perth and Kinross region is one of the top areas in the UK for small scale and micro-generation in terms of installed capacity, and has capacity for further developments.

Perth and Kinross has a supply chain extending across all renewable technologies, but is particularly strong in biomass and building energy efficiency, as well as solar PV, on-shore wind and micro hydro. There is also a broad range of capability across the supply chain, with particular strength in upstream professional services and biomass fuel supply, and significant installation and maintenance resources.

Perth College, part of the University of Highlands and Islands, is the largest training provider in Perth and Kinross and offers both bespoke and certificated training across a wide range of disciplines linked to renewables and clean technologies with other opportunities offered by the University of Abertay Dundee and the University of Dundee.

Offering unrivalled convenience and accessibility, Perth and Kinross is an ideal central location. Communication links within and from the area are first class with a network of motorways, dual-carriageways and regular rail services to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Inverness. Dundee Airport is situated just 25 minutes from Perth City and provides a direct service to London and Edinburgh International Airport is only 45 minutes from the City of Perth.