Just Transition Commission Remit Announced

The Just Transition Commission will look at how to maximise the social and economic opportunities for Scotland offered by moving to a carbon neutral economy. It will be chaired by Professor Jim Skea, who is also the Co-Chair of Working Group III (Mitigation) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Scottish Government is committed to growing a low-carbon, inclusive economy. Scotland’s Economic Strategy sets out the ambition to create a more cohesive and resilient economy that improves the opportunities, life chances, and wellbeing of every citizen in our country, and the Climate Change Bill commits Scotland to being carbon-neutral by 2050.

The Just Transition Commission has been established to advise the Scottish Government on how to deliver a carbon-neutral economy that is fair for all, applying Just Transition principles to Scotland which can be summarised as:

-          Plan, invest and implement a transition to environmentally and socially sustainable jobs, sectors and economies, building on Scotland’s economic and workforce strengths and potential;

-          Create opportunities to develop resource efficient and sustainable economic approaches, which help address inequality and poverty;

-          Design and deliver low carbon investment and infrastructure, and make all possible efforts to create decent, fair and high value work, in a way which does not negatively affect the current workforce and overall economy.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality while growing a sustainable economy that improves the opportunities, life chances and wellbeing of every citizen of Scotland, and I am absolutely determined that this will be done in a way that is socially inclusive. That is why I previously announced that Professor Jim Skea would chair a Commission to explore how the transition to carbon neutrality can help us meet our other economic and social ambitions.  I am now delighted to confirm the appointment of the Commission’s initial members. We are clear that no-one should be left behind in our move to a carbon neutral economy and that this should deliver fair work, and I look forward to working with the commission over the next two years to make this a reality.”

Within two years of its inaugural meeting, the Commission will provide a written report to Scottish Ministers that provides practical, realistic, affordable recommendations for action.  These recommendations from the Just Transition Commission will support Scottish Ministers take action that will maximise the economic and social opportunities that the move to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 offers, build on Scotland’s existing strengths and assets, and understand the risks that could arise during the transition to a low carbon economy.