Aberdeen to Double its Hydrogen Bus Fleet

17 March 2017. The Scottish Government will invest £3million into expanding Aberdeen’s hydrogen bus project, doubling the number of buses. The announcement was made as Aberdeen hosted asuccessful Hydrogen Transport Summit event during Hydrogen Week 2017 with representatives attending from throughout Europe.

Aberdeen is now building an international reputation as a ‘hydrogen city’ as well as being the oil capital of Europe. Last month the council opened a second hydrogen fuelling station in Cove, on the south side of Aberdeen, to serve the city’s expanding fleet of cars and vans.

Aberdeen Councillor Barney Crockett said “The journey now will be going from being a world leader in oil and gas to the hydrogen leader in Europe. People from all over Europe have come to this summit which shows how our reputation is growing abroad. It’s a developing technology, large energy companies are increasingly looking into this.”

A letter from the Scottish minister for business, innovation and energy Paul Wheelhouse to council chief executive Angela Taylor confirms the investment in the hydrogen buses, adding that Holyrood had already invested £4million into the project.

SNP group leader Stephen Flynn added “£3million from the Scottish Government takes their total investment in Hydrogen buses in Aberdeen to £7million and will help to bolster Aberdeen’s place as a world leader in fuel cell technologies.”