Pure Energy Centre to Supply First Green Hydrogen Refueller in Wales

Pure Energy Centre (PEC), the electrical, renewable and hydrogen energy storage company is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the contract for the supply of Wales’ first 700 bar hydrogen refueling station. The award is to build a hydrogen station in Port Talbot, at the University of South Wales (USW) to refill vehicles that can travel distances of up to 350 miles.

Pure Energy Centre, who installed the UK’s first and second hydrogen renewable hydrogen refuelling stations, has been contracted to design, manufacture and supply the hydrogen filling station

Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Business Development Manager, PEC, commented: “The award of this contract marks an important step towards the roll out of 700 bar hydrogen fuelling stations in Wales. The station will be able to support hydrogen mobility in the UK and other hydrogen filling stations already on the ground. Our aim is to create an interconnected network of hydrogen stations across the UK, which will lead to a hydrogen highway, thus a wide deployment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.”

The hydrogen refuelling station will be installed at the University of South Wales Hydrogen Centre at Baglan Energy Park. It will consist of a 900 bar hydrogen compressor, high pressure storage system and a 700 bar hydrogen fuel dispenser.