Kiwa and E4tech Hydrogen Appliances report for BEIS

SHFCA member Kiwa Gastec was the lead author in a comprehensive study of the Development of a Hydrogen Fired Appliance Supply Chain, released on 16th November. Hydrogen experts from Kiwa Gastec and SHFCA member E4Tech produced the desk study-based report on behalf of DECC, now BEIS. The study was commissioned to assess the technical challenges and the costs associated with developing gas appliances to operate on 100% hydrogen.

There is a strong movement to convert the UK’s existing natural gas grid to hydrogen, driven by ambitious carbon reduction targets. Assessing the modifications required to domestic properties to receive a change in gas supply is a vital part of understanding the resources required to decarbonise the UK’s domestic heating and cooking energy supply.

The report reflects the views of stakeholders such as appliance manufacturers, trade associations, and government – and developed a way forward for the appliance industry to respond to the challenges and opportunities which would come from a hydrogen economy.

The study concluded:

  • There is an appetite for manufacturing domestic hydrogen appliances and the technical challenges can be easily overcome;
  • Clear policy direction and a concrete plan for hydrogen roll-out are necessary to provide the impetus for research and development into hydrogen-ready appliances;
  • Appliances designed to burn hydrogen should be independently tested to standards extended for hydrogen, to ensure that they function safely and effectively;
  • Training for gas installers needs to be facilitated, defined by standards extended to consider hydrogen.

Kiwa Gastec’s Principal Consultant, Iain Summerfield, was involved in various aspects of the study. He commented: “This report demonstrates the commercial potential for the production of hydrogen appliances. This is one of several hydrogen-related projects Kiwa are currently involved in, the outcomes of all, when considered together, could be hugely significant. The crucial role Kiwa are playing in these studies is testament to the innovative thinking and expertise of our hydrogen team.”

For more information please email or call 01242 677877. To access the full report please follow the link embedded in article title.