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2014 World Energy Trilemma Report : Time to get Real


Decisions that investors make today in the energy sector will make or break the sustainability of global energy systems for years to come, according to a new report from the World Energy Council ...

http://www.worldenergy.org/  Link to external site


Twelve Fuel Cell Predictions for 2015 from 4th Energy Wave


Kerry-Ann Adamson, CEO and Founder of SHFCA member company 4th Energy Wave, has just made 12 Fuel Cell Predictions for 2015. Kerry-Ann has over ten years experience in the fuel cell industry and ...

http://www.4thenergywave.co.uk/fuel-cell-monthly/  Link to external site


Edinburgh Napier University pioneers green fuel cell on campus


SHFCA member Edinburgh Napier University has struck a pioneering “green” deal with a landmark tie-up with SHFCA member iPower which will cut energy bills and CO2 emissions. The property ...

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UK LCICG publishes Hydrogen Technology Innovation Needs Assessment


The UK’s Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group (LCICG) has just released the latest of a series of Technology Innovation Needs Assessments (TINA), which covers Hydrogen for Transport.

http://www.lowcarboninnovation.co.uk/working_together/technology_focus_areas/hydrogen_for_transport/  Link to external site


First fully funded BlueGEN Fuel Cell CHP programme by CFCL in conjunction with iPower


SHFCA members Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited and iPower Ltd have announced the commencement of the first fully funded BlueGEN programme, where the BlueGEN is installed at no cost to the end user. The ...


Global Micro-CHP market to treble Fuel Cells Drive Growth


The latest research just released from SHFCA member Delta-ee forecasts that the value of the global micro-CHP market will reach €3.2 billion in 2019, up from €0.9 billion in 2014. Fuel ...

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Toyota Launches their new 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Car


Toyota Motor Corporation, the world’s largest carmaker, has just launched its all-new 'Mirai' hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV). in Japan. This goes on sale in Japan on 15 December 2014, and in ...

http://newsroom.toyota.co.jp/en/detail/4187696/  Link to external site


European bus manufacturers and leading mayors step up for fuel cell electric buses


European bus manufacturers and city representatives announce the commercialisation of fuel cell electric buses for urban transport in Brussels on November 12th. The representatives of five major ...

http://www.fch-ju.eu/news/european-bus-manufacturers-and-leading-mayors-step-fuel-cell-electric-buses  Link to external site


Up to 14M of funding from Energy Catalyst for innovation projects - now open


The second Round of the Energy Catalyst opened on 6 November 2014, with up to 14m is available to support innovative technologies that can address all elements of the energy trilemma:

http://www.innovateuk.org/energy-catalyst  Link to external site


Honda deploys 'green' hydrogen fuel cell forklifts in Swindon manufacturing facility


A research and development project involving Briggs Equipment and Honda in the UK has seen the development a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck that relies entirely on renewable energy sources. The new ...

http://www.logisticsmanager.com/Articles/22837/Honda+goes+renewable+with+fuel+cell+forklifts.html  Link to external site


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