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Microcab is a UK based SME, (a spin out company from Coventry University) with a proven record in the design, development and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Based in Coventry, Microcab has a small road legal fleet of Microcab H2EV’s operating in and around Coventry and have recently unveiled their latest model the Vianova.

With over 30,000km of road testing over several years of R & D focussed work, these vehicles demonstrate lightweight, efficient mobility with zero emissions at tail pipe. The flexible platform, with Lotus built aluminium chassis, is adaptable for a range of peri urban vehicle applications, including fleet, last mile delivery, small taxi and car sharing.

Microcab has knowledge and expertise in powertrain development which has been produced in partnership with Coventry University. The company is design focussed and leads by demonstration, building on an extensive network of partners, both within the hydrogen sector, and a predominantly UK based supply chain. Now entering into a commercial phase with a view to scaling up production of a pioneering UK designed and built hydrogen car.