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Caledonian Marine Assets Ltd (CMAL)
Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd owns the ferries, ports and harbours and infrastructure necessary for vital ferry services serving the West coast of Scotland and the Clyde Estuary. We aim to provide efficient, cost-effective and safe ferries, ...
Cenex has been created with the aim of bringing together the many UK organisations demonstrating excellence in specialist fields related to low carbon and fuel cell technologies. By improving knowledge transfer between these organisations and by ...
Clean Power Solutions
Clean Power Solutions are the leading company for supplying renewable energy solutions in the north of England. We supply 6-100kW wind turbines and Anaerobic digesters that make use of slurry and farmyard manure. This can enable you to earn ...
Delta-ee is a research and consulting company that provides its clients with information, analysis, insight and advice in emerging decentralised energy markets. This includes fuel cell CHP - from residential to industrial scale.

We ...
Doosan Babcock
Doosan Babcock is a leader in the delivery of engineering, aftermarket and upgrade services to the energy sector. With strong global reference and offices throughout the UK, Babcock is expertly positioned to deliver Green Energy Solutions to our ...
Dundee City Council
East Coast Renewables member Dundee is a knowledge driven economy with significant centres of excellence relevant to the renewables industry. The Dundee Renewable partnership is building a renewable energy industry for the City of Dundee. Dundee ...
Local Authority
Since 1997 E4tech has worked at the interface between energy technology, environmental needs and business opportunities. We have grown steadily, maintaining our focus on innovative approaches to sustainable energy.

Our consulting ...
East Lothian Council
East Coast Renewables member East Lothian Council, in partnership with the private sector, offers a welcoming environment for the renewables industry. East Lothian offers a competitively priced business infrastructure coupled with comprehensive ...
Local Authority
Edinburgh City Council
Edinburgh offers inspiring opportunities in renewable energy, and is a founding member of East Coast Renewables. Edinburgh City already hosts over 230 companies involved with renewable energy, including the headquarters of 27 major developers and ...
Local Authority
Edinburgh Napier University
Napier University has been working in fuel cell research for around 15 years resulting in 4 PhD students – 2 currently employed in fuel cells - and another 3 currently studying in the field. We have just opened a small hydrogen laboratory at ...

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