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Aberdeen City Council
Aberdeen City Council Economic Development team work with partners across the council, the City & Shire region, nationally and internationally to create the conditions for growth to benefit our businesses and communities.

Local Authority
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG)
Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group was launched in 2001, when offshore renewables were barely on the UK energy agenda and has been pioneering the renewables revolution ever since. The organisation is a highly innovative public-private, not for profit, ...
Aberdeenshire Council
The Council administers a large geographical area covering around 8% of Scotland's land area but which is home to only around 4% of its population. This widely distributed population brings challenges in terms of the size of the road network and ...
Local Authority
Adelan business is in the development and sales of portable mSOFCs running on propane, butane or methane including natural gas and liquid natural gas (LNG).

Adelan is partner in 3 FCH-JU projects and these can be viewed on the ...
AECOM is a global provider of proffesional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transporation, facilities, environmental, energy and government. AECOM provides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, ...
AFC Energy
AFC Energy is the world’s leading developer of low-cost alkaline fuel cell technology. Focused on large-scale, industrial application AFC Energy’s technology is fully-scalable to provide clean electricity on-demand.
The fuel cell ...
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