SHFCA 2018 Annual Conference, 25-26 September 2018



Keynote - 'Building the UK Hydrogen Economy', Rita Wadey, BEIS

'Hydrogen for North Netherlands', Jaco Reijerkerk, Ekinetix

‘Global Energy Sandpit’, Adele Lidderdale, Orkney Islands Council

'Scale and Value for Renewables with Hydrogen', David Hart, E4tech

'Adding Local Economic Value with H&FC', Ragne Low, CEP, University of Strathclyde

'The Energy Networks Future Vision', Angus McIntosh, SGN

'Hydrogen Train Opportunities', Thomas Zorn, Roland Berger

'Hydrogen refuellers for growing markets', Bob Kelly, Haskel

'Hydrogen Ferries for the Islands', Chris Dunn, Ferguson Marine

'Hy4Heat and hydrogen market development', Mark Neller, Arup

'Developing Hydrogen Heating Appliances', Tom Collins, Worcester Bosch

'Bridging the Gap with Low Carbon Hydrogen', Sam Gomersall, Pale Blue Dot