SHFCA 2017 Annual Conference, 11-12 October 2017



Keynote - 'Offshore Wind Innovation and Other Tech Opportunities', Andrew Jamieson, ORE Catapult

'Development of FCH Business Cases for European Regions and Cities', Markus Kaufmann, Roland Berger

'Taking the Initiative', John Alexander, Scottish Cities Alliance

'Solar Energy Integration with Hydrogen Storage', Pierre Serre-Combe, CEA

'Local Energy System Innovation - Can hydrogen deliver value for money?', Dimitri Mignard, The University of Edinburgh

'The Orkney Islands, a Living Laboratory', Jon Clipsham, EMEC

'Developing the Hydrogen Appliance Supply Chain', Jon Saltmarsh, BEIS

'100% Hydrogen Networks', Angus McIntosh, Scotia Gas Networks

'Options & Opportunities for Decarbonised Heat', Michael Brown, Delta EE

'Optimisation of SOFC Anodes', Dr Xiangling Yue, University of St Andrews

'Priorities for Scottish Transport Strategy', Laurence Kenney & Ewan Swaffield, Transport Scotland

'Commercial FCEV Experience & Evolution', Richard Kemp-Harper, Arcola Energy

'Local Energy Solutions for Clean Transport Fleets', Bill Ireland, Logan Energy

'Hydrogen Refuelling – Learning by Doing', Ben Jenkinson, BOC Linde

'Closing Keynote', Graham Cooley, CEO of ITM Power