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ITM Power

ITM Power has designed hydrogen systems technology for integration into the built environment and transport to provide energy security and zero-carbon energy solutions for early adopters.

Here’s the problem: renewable energy such as wind and solar are unpredictable and need storage technology to be fully utilised. How do you store electricity for long periods of time? The answer is Hydrogen produced by electrolysis enabling you to:

  • use your renewable power whenever you need it

  • keep the lights ‘on’ during a power cut

  • replace your electricity and natural gas supply

Green hydrogen is produced in an electrolyser by splitting water using renewable energy. It therefore has a zero carbon footprint. All other fuels produce carbon somewhere in the supply chain.

  • You can produce your own fuel

  • When you produce Green Hydrogen the only by-product is oxygen

  • When you burn it; no carbon in means no carbon out

  • Once you’ve paid for the equipment your ongoing fuel is free

ITM has systems design and integration expertise covering the production, storage, compression and dispensing of high pressure gaseous hydrogen.