About Us

The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

SHFCA brings together Scotland’s specialised fuel cell companies, power generation companies, academic institutions, research and development bodies, energy consultants, Scottish Enterprise and local enterprise companies and councils with an interest in Hydrogen & Fuel Cells. Membership is open to all-comers.

SHFCA provides a coherent voice to represent, promote and develop Scottish hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The Association engages with Scottish and UK government to create the right framework for the industry to develop. SHFCA is developing relationships with other national and international hydrogen and fuel cell bodies to work together to evolve a mutually beneficial strategy to create and develop a global sustainable hydrogen and fuel cell market.

There is a very considerable opportunity for the UK to achieve a major hydrogen and fuel cell economy if significant increases in R&D support are provided in accord with investments for competitors such as Japan, US and Germany. We believe that through SHFCA we can harness the skills and expertise available in Scotland and ensure that they are promoted on a national and international stage. We are at the dawn of the third industrial age and with a maturing oil and gas province, we must develop alternative opportunities.


SHFCA's mission aims are to:

  • Be the main driver for the development of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell industry in its broadest sense in Scotland
  • Have an effective presence and represent the industry at Scottish, UK and EU levels
  • Engage with government in Scotland and in the UK on behalf of the industry
  • Communicate the wider benefits from using hydrogen and fuel cell technologies with renewable energy and cleantech
  • Identify and facilitate business opportunities for members
  • Provide networking opportunities for members
  • Act as a vehicle for attracting funds for member companies and projects
  • Propose projects in which members can participate
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative working among members
  • Promote member organisations’ and our collective capability
  • Provide a forum for sharing information and raising awareness
  • Advise on and create best practice for the industry
  • Be a source of advice and facilitate access to relevant technical expertise